Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Grand Finale!

Okay, now for the main project….the star of the show…..master of them all…..!  The Cinema Stage I created for Gauche Alchemy using their Showstoppers KitSmile

When I was asked to showcase the kit for Gauche Alchemy, the first thing that came to mind was a stage.  So, with that idea in mind, I set off to create my own cinema stage.  Lucky for me, Coffee Break Design had just come out with their Ornate Theatre Shrine Kit


After deciding what papers to use from the kit (there were plenty included!), I laid out all the pieces and traced around them.  If you will notice, the bottom part of the front of the stage is hanging off the edge of my paper.  There is a good reason for this….you’ll see.

Showstoppers Inside Pieces Ouchless Carboard Magazine Page

Next, I chose white ouchless cardboard for the interior in order to keep it from being so dark – remember, it’s enclosed on all three sides, the top, and the bottom.

I then dry fit everything together, making sure all edges were covered.  It’s very, very important to dry fit the inside since you will have a snug fit and you don’t want to crush the cardboard.  


I loved the big band magazine page I found in my kit.  It was almost a perfect fit…..I just had to trim a little off.  The next step was to glue it all together.  I used Modge Podge – but here’s a word of advice.  IF your surface is made of masonite (like the stage is) you will need TWO coats of Modge Podge.  The masonite will absorb the first coat of the glue.  The second coat will sit on top and actually adhere your paper.


The curtains are fabric that was included in the Showstoppers Kit.  To make them, I traced the outline of the front of the stage (the faux curtain part) to a piece of cardstock, cut the cardstock out, and pinned it to a piece of cork tile.  Using this template, I arranged the pleats in the fabric to my satisfaction (using a lot of pins) and then gave it a good spray of hairspray. Yes, HAIRSPRAY.  Works wonders when your working with this small amount of fabric.  I carefully used my heat gun to dry the hairspray, reapplying on the areas that weren’t stiff enough.  I then took the completed curtain, glued it to the masonite, and trimmed around the edges.  (Flip the template and repeat for the opposite curtain.)  The tie-backs you see are actually pieces of broken chain (yep, from the same kit).  For the valance at the top, I just glued on a strip of the fabric and then trimmed around the shape with my scissors.

I then glued on the outside paper and for interest, inked up some tickets I found in the kit and glued them to each side.  For the movie posters (one of each side), I cut out small images from the Burlesque paper included with the kit.  All cut edges were inked with Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Old Paper.  Beads and buttons found in the kit were used to add interest to the front. 


I made the easel from three tiny pieces of dollhouse wood, cut out and matted an appropriate picture on black cardstock, and then made the movie camera out of a piece of confetti and a dollhouse miniature tripod.  The stage was ringed in gold sequin string that I found in the kit.  Red satin roses complete the look.


TA DA!  The completed project!  Just a hint.  The edges of the top of the stage will be bare.  I used black Stickles (they matched the curtains), to cover up the edge and give it sparkle.

This was a TON of work, but also a lot of fun.  I want to thank Heather, Amy, Chrissy, and Maggi for giving me the opportunity to work with the Showstoppers Kit.  Guys, it’s AWESOME!  The kit is jammed packed full of vintage paper goodness and great embellishments.  Only the easel, red roses, and movie tripod were not included in the kit. 

I hope you enjoy my stage.
Until later…………….

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  1. I really love what you did with this shrine & the Showstoppers Kit, Marilyn! Simply amazing :)

  2. This is AHHH-MAZING!!! Gosh, I'm just in awe of your mad skills, Lady! Wow. Just wow. xx

  3. Hi there ! I know this is an unconventional way to contact you, but the e-mail link is not working correctly. I'm your swap partner for Blissfull ATC Could you e-mail me your address. HAHA ! Cannot wait to swap. Love your blog!

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