Thursday, May 8, 2014

Here Birdie, Birdie, Birdie for Gauche Alchemy

Hello everyone! I decided to alter a wooden birdhouse I had hanging around my studio.  So, what to you get when you cross a wood birdhouse with Gauche Alchemy goodness? Well, take a look and see!


I took a wood birdhouse and gesso’d the front to give the paint a good surface to stick to. The gesso also stopped the wood from absorbing the paint. After the gesso was dry, I gave the front a good spray with red spray paint, being careful not to spray too thickly to prevent drips and runs. When that was dry, I painted the trim and the base with dark green craft paint. Then I glued on all kinds of bits and pieces from the Banana Hammock Mixed Media Color Kit. I LOVE the cat. I think it’s a nice touch and adds to the whimsy of the birdhouse (what I was aiming for).


Measuring all the sides separately (the birdhouse wasn’t even close to being square), I then laid out and cut pieces of white ouchless cardboard. I sprayed the each piece of cardboard with the same red spray paint I used on the front. It was then glued on using Weldbond glue (a good all around, all purpose glue, found at your local hardware store).

Next, I measured each of the four sections that made up the top and cut out more ouchless cardboard. This time I painted it with silver spray paint to simulate sheet metal. Looks good doesn’t it?

I know I say this a lot, but this was FUN! Now, go grab you some glue, color kits, a little ouchless cardboard, maybe some punchinella, and see what awesomeness you can create.

Until later………….

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