Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cleaning the Little Studio

Well, I'm trying to post somethign every day, in an effort to get into the habit of blogging.  I love the format of bouncing ideas off of people and as you can tell from the Etc. part of my blog header, this can be about dolls or anything that side-tracks me. 

Well, this weekend, I spent cleaning up my inside studio.  I went to WalMart, Big Lots, and Dollar Tree looking for things to help me organize a very small 5' x 6' room.  Yep, 30 square feet.  To top it off, we have to be careful putting anything on the walls because the main breaker is located in the room - before we added on to the house, it was the washroom.  Just large enough for a washer and dryer placed side by side.

So, I removed the cabinet doors (four total) allowing me to "open" up the space.  Then, I hauled in a shoe organizer - one of those stackable things - that had been sitting on my front porch for months.  I have two, both free finds from a yard sale.  After I cleaned them up with Clorox Clean-Up, one went on top of the 5' dept of the table, another went under it.

Before the clean-up - See the mess.

See how dark it is?  Only one 40 Watt bulb.  To the right of this picture you can see the shoe shelf.  Junk everywhere.

Boxes stacked here and there.

Here are two of the doors from the overhead cabinets.  They made the room seem even smaller.  Not conducive to creative thinking.  I could barely get in the door!  It's hard to even turn around in on a good day.

Now here are after pictures.  Two days of working, lights installed under the cabinets (Big Lots, 3 flourescent mini lights, ganged together, installed with heavy duty mounting tape - $23.00)

As you can see, I also cleaned the worktop off - which is the old dining room table (yep, tiny house before we added on).  Notice how nice and bright it is now. 

Look!No more boxes!!!!!!

Now, I still have a VERY long way to go, as I have a three drawer unit (see above-this is the top of it) to organize, but between WalMart and Dollar Tree (note:  WalMart has the plastic drawer organizers 3 for $1 and Dollar Tree has the plastic-coated metal ones for $1 each) I think I have enough organizers to get the drawers straightened out where I can find things.  Once this is done, I have to tackle getting my different projects organized, but I've purchased plastic bins that slide under the bed just for this purpose.  Also, copy paper boxes are just about the right size for one roombox project.  Just label the outside!

Before I go, heres a quirky little find.  He'll probably be lounging on my desk at work shortly.  Just got to remember to get him off the top of the refrigerator where he currently resides.


And every Southerner SHOULD have this in their refrigerator....wonder how hard it would be to make in miniature: 

Now, this is NOT whiskey, but pepper sauce.  I'm not sure where the corked bottle came from as my taste runs more to Cosmopolitans & Bombay Gin & not whiskey, but it made a WONDERFUL pepper sauce holder.

Well, until later!  I've got some REALLY neat finds from Ebay for my roomboxes that I'll share soon.  Also, my hunt for miniature glass labware at an affordable price continues......I hope to have an update on that later this week.

Remember, some days your the windshield, some days your the bug!


  1. It looks really great- you have done very well fitting your supplies and tools in such a tiny space. I think I will never complain about not having enough space again! Can't wait to see your ebay finds- have a great day!!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blogs. I hope you enjoyed them. I love what you have done with your work area. You seem to be organizing everything well in such a small area.

  3. Try this link for lab glass. :)


  4. http://www.raystoreylighting.com/home/index.htm

    here's the home page.