Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today's Trials in Miniatures

What a day!  Okay, I work a full-time job and have been trying to get a report completed all week.  I'm leaving for Tampa on Friday morning for a two-day workshop with Patricia Rose (Yippee, Happy Dance) and won't be back home until Monday.  Then back to work Tuesday.

Anyway....I'm supposed to be working.  BUT I really, really, really need some miniature glass laboratory/potion/alchemist containers at wholesale prices!  I'm trying to make some items and no way can I pay retail prices and still be able to sell these things reasonably (once they are good enough). 

So, I'm emailing anybody and everybody that might possibly, remotely, be able to do it.  Well so far, I have TWO people (both glass blowers) interested. 

One is a master glass blower and in charge of a university glass blowing facility that also does work on the side (these days, who doesn't?) and the other man is the boss of a laboratory glass blowing facility right up the road from where I live.  I didn't even know that place existed!  They don't have a sign on the road and don't advertise.

So, next week, I have to meet with both of them, preferably with samples, so they can see what I want.  Thought I might have someone over the internet interstested, but once I sent him picture of what I wanted, I heard not another word!

Also, there have been some really superb people on Etsy and The Camp that have been helping me out along the way.  Carol at SP Miniatures and Nikki Rowe at Nikki Rowe Miniatures couldn't help, but they were oh so nice! 

Well, it's bedtime.  Tomorrow is work, doctor, then packing for the trip.  Going to see exactly how much one person can cram into a rolling carryone duffel bag!


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