Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Sunday

Okay, I didn't get out of bed until after 12:00!  My husband came sometime around 10:00 or so to give me a pain pill (which normally wakes me up) & that's about all I remember.  That "emotional glue" the doctor prescribed for me (steroids and me do not mix) apparently knocks me on my butt.  I'm worried about getting up in the morning - I HAVE to.  I have work and an 8:00 am doctor's appointment to find out what's going on with my neck.  The test results are in, so now to find out the problem.

My husband FORBIDS me to try and do anything.  Last night, I tried to hang a shelf in my little work room - my husband informed me I was to sit my butt on the sofa and NOT to anything.  That I was bound to hurt myself. So sit I did.  He's in the little room now hanging the shelf!

Though I would share a few pics from my mom's house - it looks like the inside of a shop!  Well, it did - apparently most is being moved to her little building that she got to store all our Etsy stuff in.

Okay, Blogger is giving me some problems right now, so please bear with me.

This gentleman is so cooler in person - Mom got all this stuff at auction!

Yep, those are real cypress walls and slats - they can be found throughout the main areas of Mom and Dad's house.  It took them over 4 years to build the house AFTER they paid off the land.  They did about 80% of the work.

This phone is just sitting around gathering dust.  But isn't it so cool!  My mom loves phones like this.  Daddy tolerates.

This is CocaCola tray Mom has had FOREVER!!!  I think that is an old temperature gauge below it, not sure though

This is my brother's favorite - a black cat (jaguar - no such thing as a black panther so I've been told).

A collection in a corner of Mom's - I like the egg-shaped thing next to the Arkansas Razorback pig7

Would you believe I didn't know Mom liked clowns until I started taking these pictures?  She started showing me her clown collection.

What you see here is another collection of items at Mom's.  In her living room!

I always have to look real close at Mom's.  She buys items most weekends when she goes to auction.  What she doesn't keep (which really isn't a lot - anymore) we put up in our Ebay store.

I was going to show you more pics, but it's late & my medication is kicking.  NO WAY I'm having another steroid injection, "emotional glue" or not.  Good grief, I can't even think and my hands do not want to do what my brain tells them too.  Typing this is an act of futility!

Good Night All.


  1. I love all your 'finds'. Thanks for entering the REB giveaway!

  2. Oh I sure hope you feel better soon ~ It's never good to be in pain, but of all times, right! Lovin' all the vintage goodies too! We love "phone" items too having worked for the phone company for 40+ years! Happy Holidays and hope you feel better soon ((Judi))

  3. Good luck at the doctor. Let us know what happens. I'm sorry you're so laid up right now. That must be tough! Love all the vintage stuff. My husband has a telecomm company and collections phones and phone related memorabilia. That one is really neat!

  4. Ooh Some good pickin's!!!!!!! Looks like way too much fun!
    Many Hugs,
    Have a Merry Christmas