Thursday, June 23, 2011

Antique Booth Saga - May Be Over!

I know I am probably boring you to tears by now, but after many a talk, fuss, discussion, argument, trying to explain (this involves more than just myself), I think I have reached a decision.
Okay, this is what we ORIGINALLY thought about renting in the "Indoor Flea Market"  (cringe).  Remember, it is $100 a month in an untried location that just opened where the businesses before it have endured the "kiss of business death".

View of 42" Wall Space & a tiny Floor Space
If you notice in the picture above and the
third one below, there is a doorway.  This is
where shoppers walk into the "showroom" 
to where the booths are located.  The white
line marks the outer boundary of the space.
The white bookshelves shown in the second
picture would be where my shelves, etc.,
could go, but they could not be taller than 4 feet.


View of long side of 168" L-Shape

View of 55" short side of L-Shape & Wall Space



Now, this is the small shelf space I would have (if it becomes open at the end of June) for $35 per month, in a semi-established ANTIQUE & COLLECTABLE store.  Also shown is the floor space I would aspire to.  It is the general consensus (well, two out of three of us) that the smaller shelf space would bring in more revenue than the larger even though it is a LOT smaller.  Each space has the same 10% commission.  Remember, it has location, location, location.

View of one shelf (I like this setup against
the wall).  See the small amount of floor space
on the right and left?

A view of another shelf arrangement

                                Floor Space I aspire to!

Now, I just hope that a shelf space becomes available, I don't get sick AGAIN, and things work out down the road where I can have a floor space like the above (but with a little more in it).  It would be nice to have a dream come true, even in a small way to start with. 
I'm for starting off small, then slowly but surely, getting a little bigger and a little bigger.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, my mother really wanted floor space in order to sell some of the larger items we can't really ship so we don’t sell them in our Etsy stores.   There would be room, say at the bottom of the shelf, to put some of the vintage crates she has.  However, larger isn't always better if you aren't in the correct space or if you are not sure what your constraints (family, health, full-time job, art association membership, your own creative time, etc.) might place on your ability to effectively stock and maintain a vendor booth, whether it be a shelf or floor space.  Starting small like this will help me effectively feel out my limitations and abilities at my pace, not overextend myself thereby causing anxiety and conflict, and in the end, go bottoms-up or give up out of sheer frustration.
So, thank you for listening to me rant, rave, or discussion, however you may see it.
Life is a mirror - If you frown at it, it frowns back; If you smile at it, it returns the greeting.

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