Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Have A Shelf Space!

It finally happened.  I am the proud renter of a shelf in an antique shop in Ponchatoula, LA! (and still on the waiting list for a floor space.

Okay, now PANIC TIME!  What do I put on it?  What do I HAVE to put on it?  Oh crap, where is everything?  I don’t even have tags for anything!  Dang, I was going to order those the other day and I forgot.  Will she let me put my business cards with my Etsy store on them as price tags?   AAAEEEEEE!

What can Mom bring down with her (she’s my partner in this) to put on it?  She has EVERYTHING you can think of!  We’ve got pictures, Harper Bazaar magazines, antique books, paper ephemera, antique framed pictures, antique frames, vintage & antique jewelry (got to find a small lockable cabinet for this), games, pottery, glass, etc. 

Looks like I am going to be VERY busy this weekend!


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