Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Washi Tape Goodness

Do you like Washi tape?  I LOVE Washi Tape!  So, it’s with unrepentant joy (accompanied by dancing) that I shout to the rooftops : Gauche Alchemy now carries Washi Tape!  They have 20, yes 20 different 3-roll kits for $10 which INCLUDES shipping and handling to the US & Canada; International order pay on $2.50 for shipping.

Wait a minute!  WHAT!  Did you say $10 for a set of 3????? Yep, sure did!  THREE rolls for $10.  We are talking dirt cheap here.

Want some washi!?  Here’s the link:  Washi Tape Kits

Like Mail Art – They have it: Mail Art Washi

Number Washi Tape – Yeah, have that too:Number Washi Tape Set

Metallic Washi:  You Bet!
Metallic Wahi

This is just a SMALL sample of all the Washi goodness Gauche Alchemy has too offer.

Go ahead, check it out.  It’s literally flying out of the store so you better hurry!

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