Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bass Fishing

Not the title you would expect here, huh?  Well, let me tell you…….I have learned more about Bass Fishing Tournaments in the last two weeks than I EVER cared to know.
See, Number One Son has decided he wants to be a professional bass fisherman.  Yep, we are talking Bass Master Classic level dreams.  So, his father and I have embarked upon the path by which we help make this dream a reality.  We’ve researched, read web pages until we have turned blue in the face, looked at the cost (YIKES!), and are now to the point of ordering professional fishing jerseys.  He’s got his partner, he’s got his boat (or one of his sponsor’s boats), he’s got his baits, his rods, his reels.  Mom and Dad have got a BIG headache. LOL
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Let me say this; it’s CONFUSING!  There’s this club to join and that club to join.  Then there’s sponsors.  Ever tried to get sponsors for teenagers?  I am SO proud of my son and his partner.  They accomplished the near impossible.  Number One Son and his partner have SEVEN, yes SEVEN sponsors!  And we are talking GOOD sponsors.  Some are even PAYING sponsors while others have given free or discounted goods.  And yes, Mommy Dearest and Grandmommy Dearest are also sponsors (through our Etsy stores). 
Their first high school tournament is in June.  In preparation, they have joined a local adult fishing club and are fishing those local tournaments as practice for the big upcoming high school tournaments.  There are three huge ones coming up…..and none are near us. 
What does that mean?  It means Mommy Dearest gets to figure out how to pay for hotel rooms, meals, gas, and other necessities for two-day fishing tourneys.  Luckily, his partner’s parents are on-board with this and will pay half the cost.   It may mean a lot of doubling up in hotel rooms, but we want to give the kids every chance to realize their dream.
Isn’t that what parents are for?
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  1. Oh yes, that's what we do as parents. It fills with with pride to see our children embark on a new journey and it sounds like your son has found his calling. This is so exciting and I wish him all the luck in the world in that big fishing tourney! My oldest has the fishing fever too. Last week he caught a 10lb bass and his buddy took pictures. He was grinning from ear to ear. He measured and got the weight so he can have a mount made. His world is perfect when he has a fishing pole in hand!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and pinterest. You made me smile! :)

  2. Well, look at it from a different view point. He could want to take up car racing (NASCAR), motorcycle racing, wrestling (WWE), or sky diving. Atleast this isn't too dangerous (sunburn or falling out of the boat). And you will always have some great fish in the freezer for nites when you don't want to do alot of cooking!! I wish him lots of luck. Having watched the tournaments in Alabama it really seems any body with a lot of patience has a good chance to win.