Monday, March 5, 2012

The Great Lizard Chase

Got your attention huh? 

The great lizard chase occurs in my studio on a regular basis.  See, my studio is actually a 10 x 12 metal storage building that my hubby and I fitted out & turned into studio space.  I have walls, a floor, A/C, heat, lighting; you know, all the things necessary in a studio (well, except a sink which I really need but have no room for).  It sits in my backyard and even has nice flower beds on either side of the door.  There’s just one problem.  LIZARDS!

I love lizards.  I think they are cute and boy do they eat a lot of bugs.  What I don’t like is they are somehow finding a way into my studio.  And if I don’t find them, guess what I get.  Yeah, desiccated lizards that scare the turkey out of me.

Case in point.  I have one of those multi-bin cabinets like you see in hardware stores, except this one has a hinged glass front.  Kind of unique.  Well, I decided one day that I would go rooting around in those bins to see if I could find something useful for a project I was working on.  So I pull out the partial paper clip that keeps it shut (year, really high tech closure there) and "EEEKKKKK!!!!!!" a dead lizards falls out.  Okay, not expecting that.  I’m sure the entire neighborhood heard me.

So I find two pieces of cardboard, scoop up the poor, departed lizard and send him to the great lizard resting place in the sky (nah, just chunked him into the flower bed outside my door). 
Okay, no biggie, it’s just one lizard.  But the next weekend, there’s another one, lying totally desiccated in the middle of the floor (at the time, what little of the floor I could see).  So scoop him up, chunk him out.  Now there’s been two dead lizards, but hey, nothing to get upset about, it’s just a coincidence.

Go into the studio the next day, ANOTHER desiccated lizard lying on the floor.  Now, enough is enough.  Finding one is okay, finding two, well it’s stretching it, but still okay.  Finding three, now that’s a PATTERN!

So the great lizard chase begins.  I have caught several of the little buggers after chasing them up and down windows and walls, across and under work tables, across the floor, and then back around again.  So far, I have had only one escape.  That happened this Sunday.  I had chased him to the door and before I could get it open, zoom, he took off under the shelving and down the side where I couldn’t reach him. 

I’m sure next weekend, I’ll find him.  Right when I’m not expecting it, his dearly departed body will scare the bejesus out of me.

Don’t I live such an exciting life! SIGH
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  1. LOL, if that is the price to pay for a studio space, i'll take it, although i would be screeching left and right whenever they show up!

  2. LOL, if that is the price to pay for a studio space, i'll take it, although i would be screeching left and right whenever they show up!

  3. OMG, I'm laughing so hard! Yup, when you least expect it, you'll find him!!!

  4. LOL--I TOTALLY understand. I have great lizard chases myself--but not as many as you do!!I think that it helps that my main studio is upstairs--but the part that I just renovated is downstairs (ground level). This spring is my first in there (as a studio ((was previously)) a hay shed). I love the little critters and hate to find them dead. Isn't life wonderful and exciting living in La.?

    Talk with you soon.