Monday, April 2, 2012

Gone Fishing!

Oh yes, that was posted on the outside of my studio on Sunday afternoon.  Not one iota of creativeness was even attempted.  Nope, I spent time with the family, doing a little fishing.  My husband decided we needed to do a little pond management in order to keep the bream from over-populating (they breed like rabbits!).  It has been several years since we kept any fish we caught and it really was time to manage the herd (that’s what hubby calls them).

We are incredibly lucky to have out own pond in our backyard.  I could stand on my back porch, cast, and have my bait land in the pond; it’s that close.  So, I grabbed a pole, found a chair, and sat down to reek mayhem on the local bream population.

Here’s what you do:  Take one of these:


Yes people, crickets do bite.  I can attest to this fact since one bit me!  Nasty little critters.

Then take your basic telescoping fishing pole:


Hook the cricket, cast your pole, and wait. Watch that cork!

Speaking of corks, is mine moving?  Hmmmmm, think it might be.  Oh YEAH!  It just went under!!!! YIPPEE!

Here’s what I caught:


Yes people, that’s the cork, and that’s the fish.  BAIT THIEF!

We used barb-less hooks since we were only keeping certain ones.  Removing the barbs does make bream harder to catch, but it greatly reduces the harm a hook can cause.  However, one of the fish took exception to being caught for supper and finned me.

The keepers went into an ice chest.


Enough were caught to fry.  Me, I ate catfish.  YUCK! to bream. 

I have to admit, getting out in the sunshine and fresh air did me a world of good, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family.  My son and I fished beside each and spent a lot of the time ducking the other’s pole, line, and flying fish!  And yes, laughing the entire time.

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  1. Ohhh my dad loves to go fishing but sadly he cant now because of the cancer. I have never been fishing but i may one day :)
    Thanks so much for your comment over at Dezinaworld. It really means a lot to know what people think. thank you.
    I hope to catch up with your blog again soon
    hugs June

  2. Never heard of Breem, is it a fish? Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, bon chance with the contest!
    bliss farm antiques