Thursday, May 26, 2016

Simply Impossible

Good morning!  I'm soooo happy to be with you today.  This the first project for Lost Cost Designs' Lost Coast Review!  I wanted to jump right in, so I created a couple of items for your viewing pleasure.  They are really quite simple since I only had a view images to work with, but I do love the way they turned out.

I started with a standard cardstock ATC blank then stamped it with Spray Webbing using sepia ink.  I then fussy cut a couple of images from an Alice collage sheet and added them to the card (they got moved around quite a bit until I was happy).  I outlined the words in black and white pen then added three pink flower embellishments.

To create this card, I started by stamping Grunge Tree with sepia ink onto a piece of plain card and then trimmed it up.  Since I was going for simplicity in order for the tree to stand out, I pulled out my trusted quote book and found one that really resonated with me.  I printed it out, trimmed it up, and glued it down to my card.  It was too plain so I outlined it with a brown marker.  Finally, I adhered my image to a prefolded card.

It's so great to be here designing for LCD.  Stay tuned for more wonderful stamping projects!

Until later..............


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