Monday, June 7, 2010

The Bloggerette Sorority

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Okay, so I never was in a sorority.  At 19, I was married, working full-time, and going to college at night.  That didn’t leave a lot of time for joining anything, not to mention I just wasn’t the college sorority type (I was really, really, PAINFULLY shy). 
So, when I saw there was a blog Sorority starting up, I was intrigued.  Was it for me?  Could I finally, possibly qualify?  HMMMM, it’s for people with my likes…..HMMMM, I’m not shy anymore can basically carry a convo if I need to…..HMMMM, I think it’s for me! 
So, if you would like to join the Bloggerette Sorority, click on the link below and check it out!  But hurry, Rush is approaching and you don’t want to miss this!
Won't you join us?

Until Later…………………………………………..


  1. Thanks for dropping by and visiting the DRS Designs blog! Have a great day!

  2. YAY! You are in my friend! I hope everyone has a good time with all of this. I'm ASTONISHED at how many people have joined!
    I will see you on the 25th! Can't wait to see what you create!
    Karen ~ some days are diamonds

  3. Thanks for sharing this, I just signed up sister!

  4. Oh I agree I think the sorority will be fun. I am working on my rush presentation now. I am like you except I was 45 in college. No sororities for a working mom with 6 kids going to nursing school.