Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finally some Crafting Supplies Arrived for my Etsy Shop

Finally, after a good wait, some supplies I've been wanting for my Etsy shop arrived.  I never knew trying to run a successful webstore could be so nerve-wracking. 

So, just in case any of you are interested, here's what I just got listed:

Monoject Curved Tip Glue Syringes - I LOVE these things.  Personally, I try to keep about 6 on hand at all times.  Great for all types of glues.

Pointed Rubber Tipped Sculpting Tools (gum stimulators anyone?)  These can be hard to find - let me tell you!

and the extra Tips for them!   Great for all kinds of sculpting - add lines, wrinkles, detail, etc.

If you like Stampington Mags, I have some for about 1/2 off cover or less:

I also have the below magazines for sale:

My mom also has some great stuff on there too.  The items listed above I can combine shipping on since they ship from my house.  The rest of the items my mom ships from her home 5 hours away, though she also combines shipping.   We just can't combine our stuff together. 

We try to keep things reasonably priced so everyone can afford them.  Just because they are cheaply priced doesn't mean they are junk.  Our goal was to offer unique vintage and antique items that everyone can afford. 
Well,  we gotta clear out her house someway!!!!!  LOL  I can't move around when I visit.  It's like having my own personal flea market when I go home.  Really, it's kinda neat.  I'll post pictures in the next few days that I took there this weekend.  Mom knows they are going up on my blog.

Well, that's it for the day.  Until Later.

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  1. Hi dearie, is there a link to your etsy? :). Your tools look great!