Thursday, November 19, 2009

Well, It's Thursday

I hope everyone's week is going well - just remember that the weekend is right around the corner!  YIPPEE.

Okay, first a question.  I am looking for the magazine Flea Market Style.  If any of my blogger friends out there knows where I can get a copy, please tell me.  I have not seen it around here, but after reading their blog, I would LOVE to have it!

My weekend plans......A Consignment Sale!  I haven't been able to go to one yet this year because I hurt so bad.  But, yep, with the help of pain killers, I will be attending a consignment auction on Saturday.  Since they are set up with chairs (& they know me and my mom), I can sit in front where I can see and not have to stand on a hard floor for hours.  If I get to hurting too bad, I can always go lay down in the truck & my mom will continue the bidding. 

Now, what am I after? Well, these are a few things I have my eye on:

I love old photos and photo albums. 
Some would be kept and others placed in my store.

I just love the color of this, don't you?

This old book would be a plethora of pages for making collages.

Cute vintage case

Gotta have these chopsticks.  Mine all mine!  Would look so good twisted up and poked into my hair.

I love pottery.  Frankoma is one of my favorites and I have a hutch full!  This may not all be that, but it matches what I have.

Vintage leather and cloth gloves - always a favorite


Beautiful Teacups.  I can see a teacup fairy in each, or just sold on their own. They pretty-up a shelf or side table all by themselves.  Or fill them with mother-of-pearl buttons.

This would be cleaned and repainted for use in my house to display some of my miniatures on until they find a home in one of my many dollhouses (more on those dollhouses later).

I can see these beautiful blue vases becoming pincushions and the smallest on the right holding a few of my vintage hatpins (yep I love to collect hat pins).

And finally, this little milk/cream jar.  It still has the little cardboard plug in it!

Wish me luck!!!!  There are something like 14 auctions within a 100 mile radius of where I will be Saturday, so I hope all the dealers head to somewhere other than this auction.  Alas, the couple that run this one are very honest and above board and that is widely known. Plus, it's their last auction of the year.  I expect a good turnout (unfortunately for me) but who knows?

I'll have to check back in with you on Monday before my nerve burning procedure and let you know how successful I was.  Of course, there are several more items I have my eye on from the web listing and I haven't been to a viewing yet.  Mom and I will have to get there early enough Saturday that I can walk around and see everything.  Since Mom foots the bill for the store items, I hope she has her checkbook ready!  This looks to be a great sale.

The first weekend of December, there are two more auctions I would love to attend.  Both are on the same day and both are being held by people Mom and I know.  I have my list started for them too.  One has a TON of oriental themed items (I love oriental) and another has a wide range of just everything!


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