Saturday, November 14, 2009

Well, It's Saturday (shoot almost Sunday!)

Finally, I'm home on a Saturday - not with my husband and son where they hunt (aka My Parents' five hours away). HOME YIPPEE.  Lot's of time to try and get some stuff done.  Maybe straighten up something, do some prototypes of a few ideas I have (things that don't require much hand coordination at this point), listen to a little college football (listen to husband yell at LSU on the TV), those kinds of things LOL.  There were a few things I could do even with the limited use of my hands I have (the pain thing you know).

Okay, so what did I do????
Yep, went to Best Buy.

Why?  My mother-in-law needed a new computer and I'm the resident "expert".  I know that you need a laptop with so many GBs of RAM and drive space, an antivirus/firewall, etc.  So, I went.  Took about 30 minutes to get there, 1-1/2 hours in the store.  Still time to play, right?  Wrong.

Next stop???
Why Dillard's?  Son needed school pants.

They have size 20 POLO boy's khakis for $29.00.  Even had their POLO jeans for $29.00.  Okay, so son is set for winter for school pants, mother-in-law purchased them (I bought the jeans).

Next stop??? FOOD!!!!

Wonderful California Grilled Chicken sandwich.  They have samplers where you can try their different brews.  Okay, I'm not much of a beer drinker, but they has a real light, German-like brew.  WONDERFUL.  But, I was driving, so no drinking.  Just the little sample.  Maybe next time. 

Got home after 4:00 pm exhausted.  No work got done.  Maybe tomorrow.  So, instead, after a rest and vegging out on LSU football and Funny Cat Videos on the internet, I started surfing some blogs.

I found a lot of cool sites, with lots of great inspiration on them.  Lots are having giveaways and I have posted them to the side.  Go check them out.  Bet you'll become a follower of them like me.  No new mini-blogs, but wonderful none-the-less.  That's what the Etc. in my blog's name stands for.  I like a little of everything and find inspiration for miniatures in RL sized items.  Dollhouses need little aprons too!  Roomboxes and vignettes need lots of detail - like bowls of flowers on a tiny sideboard and a little mouse on the floor.  Wallhangers on the walls, things like that.

Well, my son just called.  They are headed back from the game - he helps his church with their concession stand.  Now I can go get ready for bed!  I just re-read my blog for errors & beginning to not make much sense.  As Scarlette said: "Tomorrow is another day".



  1. Sounds like one of my crazy days...starts out with lots of ideas and then life gets in the way and fun projects have to take a back seat. Oh well, another day will bring more opportunity! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I think you will enjoy the next few posts of some of the other crafters and artists at the show. Have a good night! Laura :)

  2. Hello Friend

    Thanks so much for posting about my giveaway. And yes, you posted in the right spot! Good Luck!