Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tag Your It! - The Art Exchange

Good Wednesday morning everyone.  I hope ya'll are doing fine and today finds you healthy and happy.

Well, as the subject of this blog says, I've been invited to participate in an Art Exchange.  Now normally, I don't do things like this because I don't have time, but since it is such a small thing, I thought, "NO PROBLEM".

Okay, problem.  I need a few more people to participate in the exchange.  I can email you the details if you are interested, but basically you send one small item to one person and you get six friends to participate (who in turn get six friends, etc.).  You will then end up with 36 handmade "works of art".  Now, I LOVE little things that people make.  I collect such a wide range of items and I love anything artistic.  It can be a little drawing you did, a print, a beaded thing, etc.  Whatever your niche is.

So, PLEASE.  If you are interested, just drop me a comment and I will send you the info or you can email me directly.  To make it easy for you, my email is

Hope to hear from you soon!


PS.  Here's a freeby for those followers into digital art.  A pic from a postcard of mine entitled Scenic Desert Sand.  I thought it was so pretty that I bought it.


  1. If only I were artsy, this sounds fantastic!
    Will keep an eye out for another hand for you!

  2. Hi,

    Thank you so much for stopping by Robins Egg Blue to comment and enter the giveaway! Good Luck to you!

  3. Hi Marilyn:
    Thanks for visiting, commenting, following and posting my giveaway on your blog. (An achiever after my own heart!) I'll be sure that you get all your chances in the drawing!
    I've joined your followers so that I can come back and really explore your place. Hope you'll continue to visit Brynwood, too. Each comment between now and Thanksgiving is another chance in the drawing. Good luck!

  4. Hi Marilyn:
    So glad you came to visit Brynwood. I'll be sure that you get credit for all your participation in my giveaway! Good luck!
    I'm a follower here now, so I'll be back to get to know you better.